Top Selling Tips

Presenting your property to its full potential will help you sell it at the best price in the quickest possible time. Remember most people make a decision on a property within the first five minutes of entering, so a little effort can make all the difference. While renovations may not be necessary, we recommend you consider the following; these will help create the best impression.

  • Make sure the front of your property looks presentable. A newly painted front door, weed-free pathway and attended flower beds will show the property has been well looked after.
  • As you invite people into your home they should be made to feel welcome and enter a clean, calm, environment. A well lit home looks bright and inviting.
  • Whenever possible, let the prospective purchaser enter the rooms before you so they see rooms at their maximum size.
  • De-clutter as much as you can and remove unwanted furniture; Many clients follow the 50% rule; storing at least half of their belongings on display. This will all create a feeling of more space and will let the buyer picture their possessions in your property.  
  • Re-painting isn’t strictly necessary, just washing down the paintwork will improve the overall appearance. It is worth attending any jobs you have been putting off, such as broken handles.
  • Your home should smell pleasant and fresh. Try to avoid strong cooking smells, they can be off-putting, even causing viewers to rush around in case they are holding up your meal. 
  • Gardens are a strong selling point. They don’t need to be landscaped - a tidy lawn and well kept surroundings will be sufficient. Turn on outside lights if you’re showing someone round at night.
  • Let people explore at their own pace and simply be on hand to answer any questions. Point out interesting features and if the circumstances are right explain why you like the property and surrounding area. 
  • If a room in your house is particularly special, like an open plan kitchen, we would suggest leaving the ‘best 'til last’. This will make people remember your property against all the others they see.
  • Keep pets out of the way and people in the house to a minimum.

If you have any questions our staff will be more than happy to help. Please feel free to contact us.

Client Feedback...

"We were impressed with every aspect of Harvey Brooks. They went out of their way to resolve any concerns and helped the process run as smooth as possible from start to finish. Thank you!"
Mr  & Mrs Scott (Nunthorpe)
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